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To advance and protect the interests of General Aviation in Washington State through Advocacy, Outreach, Education, and Social Activities.

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President's Message

WPA State President George Steed

Blue skies!

As I write this the forecast calls for a week of VFR weather and the possibility of more to come. We all knew it would, of course, that’s summer in the Pacific Northwest, but it sure seemed to take a while.

Our last issue had an article outlining threats to the continued operation or existence of airports around the state. It created a storm of questions from various corners, which, I think, was the intent. The primary task of the Washington Pilots Association is advocacy. Staying abreast of conditions and events that may impact the right and privilege of pilots to fly in Washington is our job. Threats are not always evident and motives are not always clear.

Most airports have port authorities or city councils that understand the economic engine that airports represent and are familiar with planning documents, zoning restrictions, lease agreements, and so on. Others, not so lucky, have multiple interested parties, lost or conflicting documents, and understood but not codified agreements. When parties act only in their own short term self-interest the results are not often in the best long-term interest for the greatest number.

The aim of the Washington Pilots Association is to ensure that the 17 year old pilot that just received her license will be able to fly into airports all over the state in 60 years just as we do today. To that end we must stay vigilant and see that all of the stakeholders, certainly including the pilots that use the airports, have a seat at the table where plans are being made for the continued use of the runways we love.

Speaking of which, check out the list of events upcoming. Now that the weather is more reliably flyable, our problem is which of many events around the state to travel to. Make plans, take a friend, meet new ones, report back on social media, and have some fun. 

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