The 4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars

The Washington Pilot’s Association started in 1960 and has grown to over 1500 members statewide and includes 28 chapters. Since it’s inception the WPA has built upon the 4 pillars of why we exist. Whether you’re a veteran pilot or just discovered a passion for aviation, we are proud to welcome new members who share the wonders of flight in the Pacific Northwest! You are the voice of all pilots flying in our state and we know that strength in numbers works.


Working closely with Airport Managers, Local Sponsors, WSDOT, State Legislators, and the FAA to:

  • Airports sustainability
  • Land use preservation and protection
  • Maintain System Capacity
  • Promote Safety
  • Stewardship of the Aviation System
  • Planning and Transportation policies


Coordinating Airport Open Houses and presenting the benefits of GA to Media and Civic Groups.

  • General public, open houses, AOPA events, support youth in aviation
  • Educate elected officials
  • Communicate with the media
  • Collaborate with civic groups
  • Support Aviation Academies


Organizing Hands On Safety and Maintenance Seminars for pilots and also sponsoring Aviation Scholarships.

  • Youth Aviation Scholarships
  • Seminars (local and statewide)
  • Aviation History
  • Special Interests
  • Unique subjects and issues


Supporting and coordinating hangar picnics, parties, fly-ins, spot landing contests, and monthly meetings.

  • Free use of cabin at Stuart Island
  • Aviation fly outs
  • NW Aviation Conference
  • Chapter Socials
  • Chapter Christmas Parties
  • Stewart Island Cabin
  • Outings
  • Oshkosh Fly In
  • Flights Above the Pacific Northwest