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President's Message

 Photos courtesy of Kevin T. Kelly, Paine Field Chapter

Howdy Flyers!

New Web Site for WPA

Our switchover to a new service provider is now completed, and your new WPA website is up and running…finally!  We hope you like the fresh, re-designed site. We are also taking a new approach to insure the site is always updated and exciting.  We have a complete team working on the site, with not only two webmasters, but web managers as well.

Mark Your Calendars!

The Arlington Fly-In is coming up July 6-10.  They have been supportive of WPA, so we would like to support them.  Make sure you visit the WPA booth while you are there.  Additionally, WPA will be have an evening Board Meeting on Saturday, July 9th in the Arlington area.

Now Begins Flying Activities

With the spring weather comes several flying events sponsored by local WPA chapters.  Congratulations to the Paine Field chapter on their very successful General Aviation Days.  This is a great way to get the community involved in aviation and your local airport.

WPA Helps Eliminate $15 Pilot Registration Fee!

Your State Organization has been an integral player in eliminating the $15 pilot registration fee that you have been paying.  Not only did it seem unfair, but it was an efficiency nightmare for the WSDOT to collect it.  A substantial part of the fee spent for collections…not airport improvements, education or search and rescue.  See, we are saving you money already!

Every Chapter Can Have Their Own Web Page!

Now there isn’t any excuse for your local chapter to have a web site.  The WPA will provide each chapter a site (attached to the State site).  The only requirement is that it must be updated regularly.  And that will be easy to do working with our new web managers Mitch and Kelly. 

Mailing to the State

Please address all postal correspondence to our mailing address in Bellevue.  We are trying to standardize our systems and to make it easier to transition throughout the years.  Your emails are also welcome anytime.  We are improving communications every day.  Please feel free to share your suggestions with us.

Please Fly Safe!

We are all hurt by aircraft that go down.  Not only is it a tragedy and a loss for the families of those people, but we all get the wrath of anti-aviation people.  Flying is still safer than driving, yet most accidents are easily preventable.  Make it a point to not only take more education to improve your flying skills, but get a friend to engage in some type of flight safety education.

Again, come back often to your WPA site to see the new layout.  Most of you will like it…six of you won’t. J

Jim Smith

State President
Washington Pilots Association

Mission Statement
To advance the interests of aviation in Washington State through advocacy, outreach, education, and social activities.

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